The Host - Ray Abel

Hi listeners (and potential listeners) - here's a little about me....

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After working in non-profit for many years I launched a startup that landed us on Shark Tank. Since exiting that business, I've been focused on launching a technology called Xogo, where the mission is to create technologies that enable people of all abilities to interact with the world on their own terms. You can find out more about Xogo here, and you can see a video of what we do here.

The Podcast

Over the past few years I have become increasingly frustrated by the lack of objective and responsible news coverage. So I decided to make a podcast where I take a (mostly) objective look at news from all sides of the political spectrum and try to sort through the fluff to see what is actual news, and what is full-on bias.

I say 'mostly' unbiased because if we're being honest, we all have biases. And that's alright. But it's not alright to pretend like we don't have them and try to push agendas instead of journalism.

So take a listen, and hopefully you don't want to throw your phone out of the car window on your way to work as you do. Because that's how I often feel with our news sources.