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The Podcast

Over the past few years we have become frustrated by the lack of discussion between people who disagree - real life shouldn't be like Twitter. So we decided to launch this podcast with a focus on having conversations about difficult topics while fostering an environment to create productive dialogue and understand different perspectives. We have guests with viewpoints from all over the political spectrum, sometimes we research specific news topics, and sometimes we'll use a current news event to launch into a deeper discussion about a broader issue.

The mission is to have healthy dialogue with people of all backgrounds while promoting open discussions between people of differing viewpoints to search for common ground. We believe that what we need more of now is open, honest, and challenging dialogue between people of different backgrounds. We hope you enjoy the show!

The Host

Ray Abel was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After working in non-profit for many years he launched a startup that landed on Shark Tank. Since exiting that business, he's been focused on launching a technology called Xogo, where the mission is to create technologies that enable people of all abilities to interact with the world on their own terms. You can find out more about Xogo here, and you can see a video of what they do here. And you can find him on Twitter and Instagram if you'd like.

About Ray Abel - Research the News Host

Our Mission

To have healthy dialogue with people of all backgrounds, promoting open discussions between people of differing viewpoints to search for truths and common ground.

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