About Us

The Podcast

The podcast was born out of frustration with society's current state of discourse. We believe real-life conversations shouldn't be reduced to Twitter-like exchanges, so we launched our podcast to foster open discussions across diverse perspectives to find common ground.

Our diverse guests come from various political backgrounds, allowing us to explore different perspectives and challenge our beliefs. We tackle current news topics and delve deeper into broader issues, using recent events as a launching pad for thought-provoking discussions.

We aim to promote healthy dialogue and understanding among people of all backgrounds, focusing on those with differing viewpoints. We can find common ground and bridge divides by fostering open, honest conversations. Join us as we navigate complex issues and strive for a more united and empathetic society. We invite you to listen and engage as we promote constructive dialogue and understanding. We hope you enjoy the show!

The Host

Ray Abel, a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has a background in both the non-profit and entrepreneurial sectors. After dedicating years to serving in the inner city and working with people with disabilities in the non-profit world, he launched a startup that gained recognition on the hit TV show Shark Tank.

Now, Ray is dedicated to his company, Bansen Labs, and their platform, Xogo, which aims to revolutionize accessibility. Ray is committed to fostering a more inclusive and barrier-free society, and Xogo's mission aligns with this value. You can watch a short video here to learn more about Xogo and its impact.

You can also connect with Ray on social media, where he shares updates and insights on Twitter and Instagram.

About Ray Abel - Research the News Host

Our Mission

To foster open discussions across diverse perspectives, we encourage constructive dialogue to find mutual understanding and common ground.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to fostering meaningful and productive dialogue among individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We strive to create a space where people can engage in open and honest discussions while exploring differing viewpoints and searching for common ground. Our ultimate goal is to promote mutual understanding, respect, and empathy, and to help build bridges across cultural and ideological divides.

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