The Rules


Above all, people are required to respect each other
| True dialog starts with respect |

No interruptions without corrections
| Don't talk over each other unless you're asking for clarification |

No talking points without explanations
| Talking points without facts are not useful |

Don't talk around questions
| We're not politicians, so let's address questions directly |

Hypotheticals are allowed, but not if you use them to trap someone
| Hypotheticals can be good in the right context |

Recognize the legitimacy of the other side
| It's a lost art to try and understand why people think differently |

Attempt to come together on common ground if there are differences in viewpoints
| Disagreement is fine, but we should look for commonalities |

The primary goal is to explain viewpoints, not to change minds
| And yelling or ridicule never changes minds anyway |

We should still be friends at the end of the episode
| What happens in the conversation, stays in the conversation |

Questions for Every Guest


What position do you have that doesn’t align with typical stereotypes of being conservative | liberal | progressive | libertarian | whatever you are?

What’s next? What do we do? Action instead of words.


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